About The City of Angels

In 1964, Pastor Sergio Gomez came to Tijuana with a vision to help those in need and make Christ known. In 1965, he co-founded City of Refuge, an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. The home continues to this day and has launched hundreds of children into productive lives. He since then has helped build other orphanages, a hospital for the terminally ill, thousands of homes for poor families around northern Baja California, and many churches.

The vision and ministry of Pastor Gomez is still going strong. The Lord has definitely guided Baja Vision Ministries in helping the needy, hungry, orphaned, sick, poor, and abandoned of Tijuana.

How City of Angels Started

One day, as he drove from a building site, he saw a church beside the road and the land around it. In that moment he had a vision of children who could be helped there. He stopped to walk the property.
Immediately the verse Psalm 37:4 came to mind: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Pastor Gomez was inspired.

He returned to the property day after day, unsure of what to do. Each time he came he held out his arms and asked God for guidance. One day, a man’s arm patted his shoulder. Pastor Gomez turned, to find himself face to face with a man he knew slightly. “What are you doing?” the man asked. “I see you here day after day.”

Sergio asked, “Can’t you hear the children?” The man couldn’t; they weren’t there. “I do,” Pastor Gomez said. “There are children waiting to come here. To be healed, to grow up to be strong and healthy members of our community. I am here to help that happen.”
The man owned the land. While he might not hear the children, by the end of their meeting Sergio had convinced him to sell — if Sergio could come up with the money.

Where the money would come from, Pastor Gomez hadn’t a clue. He simply knew that he would find it, that this was the ultimate purpose of this church and this small piece of land. Days later in Los Angeles he told the story to a lawyer he knew. Over the years this friend had made small contributions so it was no surprise when he wrote a check on the spot. It was only later that Sergio looked at the check, expecting maybe $100. But the lawyer must have heard the children. The check was for $10,000, one-fifth of the price of the land and its church. Sergio was able to call the owner and tell him that children would soon be living beside the church.

It wasn’t much longer before a group of Oregon pastors contributed the remaining funds so Sergio was able to buy the entire property for cash and the orphanage was born.

About Pastor Sergio Gomez

It is not surprising that Sergio Gomez would have devoted himself to the City of Angels, and before that to the City of Refuge. He himself had grown up on the streets, ate out of trashcans, and was in the back of police cars. His own father had been a drug addict and a dealer. He knows what the kids are going through.

It is Pastor Gomez’s commitment to the children and his belief that something must be done, that draws the many people who help. Along with the help of the directors, Israel and Maria Elena Martinez, and the staff the orphanage caring for these needy children each day, City of Angels is coming along strong.