Lake Arrowhead & CasaBuilders Visit

Lake Arrowhead Presbyterian Church came down for a time of service this President’s Day weekend. They concentrated on improving our bunkhouse facilities where short-term mission groups stay. This team of eight accomplished a lot thanks to their great leadership and everyone’s attitude of service. They framed out a couple walls for windows and installed some nice security doors that will allow the place to stay ventilated and secure during the summer months.

The ‘CasaBuilders’ were also serving with City of Angels this weekend. They worked on finishing Elizabeth, Bulmaro, and Rosalinda’s (kids currently living at City of Angels) mom’s home. They took all the kids from City of Angels 12 years and older out to the site with them to help out with hanging sheetrock, installing doors & windows, and painting. Everyone had a great time especially the kids who got a change of scenery, picked up some life skills and bonded with all the group members.