June Groups

The month of June we were blessed to have two youth groups come down and work at City of Angels.
The Sanctuary from Santa Clarita, California came over the weekend of the 16th. The men’s group from the church had come down in December of last year to build a house for a needy family. This time they brought the youth down to help out at the children’s home. Everyone worked hard all weekend. They painted the inside of the dining room and worked on filling in the northeast corner of the property with fill dirt.
Canyon View Assembly from Forest Hill, California was down the week of the 21st. They too worked on filling in that back corner of our land. They did a bucket brigade from the adjacent property and went through four dump-truck loads! They also worked with a local mason to build up a cinder block security wall. There has been some theft in the area so we are trying to finish up fencing off the property. Thanks to this ambitious youth group we are almost done.


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