As you may have read from the updates to the previous post, Miguel’s surgery went great and he is now beginning the recovery process. He was able to go home to rest Friday night after what the doctors called a routine surgery.
Everything seems to be going great. He will go in again Tuesday for a follow-up and then routinely throughout the next couple of months to make sure everything “takes”. The doctors say that the first two months are critical. If everything goes good during that time period then chances are Miguel has a good cornea for life. They are also hopeful that he will be ready for the next transplant in three to four months time.
We thank you for your prayers and praise the Lord that the surgery went well.

What follows is a brief history of Miguel’s condition and how his family has handled it.

About ten years ago Miguel’s eyes started to change. His corneas started to become more and more irritated by dust and light. His parents Alex and Lety took him to an eye specialist in Mexico City where they were living. The doctor said that there really wasn’t much he could do. A few years passed and his condition just got worse. The smog in Mexico City was really hard on his eyes. Finally the doctors told his parents that if they wanted any relief for their son, they would have to move out to the coast where the air is cleaner. They did just that.

After spending some time in Acapulco, Alex and Lety felt a calling to serve God full time. They established contact with an old acquaintance who was working at a children’s home in Ensenada, the next major city south of Tijuana. Soon they found themselves working there in charge of a house of 15 young girls.
Although they were now living near the ocean, Miguel’s condition only worsened.

Finally, two years ago, Alex and Lety found “Clinica de Ojos de Tijuana” (Tijuana Eye Clinic). This is a top of the line eye clinic that is known all over Latin America. The doctors there told them there was a medical procedure that could essentially give Miguel “normal” eyes again; a cornea transplant. They were thrilled.
At that time Sergio Gomez, director and founder of City of Angels, was looking for a couple to fill a fulltime leadership position at the children’s home. They prayerfully considered the move and found it God’s will that Miguel should receive treatment at the hospital and that they were to work with the children. In January 2002 Alex and Lety moved with their three children to City of Angels. They are currently working there as the onsite-directors. Miguel had the first of two cornea transplants completed on April 30 2004.