Prayer Request

* * * Updated 15:30 4/30/04 see below * * *
* * * Updated 11:45 5/1/04 see below * * *

This Friday onsite-directors Alex and Lety’s son Miguel will have one of his eyes operated on. They have been waiting over two years for all the details to get ironed out and it appears that now is the time. He is healthy, the finances have been taken care of (Thanks to a friend of City of Angels from San Francisco who donated enough to cover this first operation), and the hospital has the replacement cornea.

Lety has told me they will be taking him in early Friday morning for prep. Plan is to operate around 10:00am and he could be home recovering as early as that night.

We just ask that you would pray for Miguel. Strength for him and his family, a successful operation, a quick recovery and that the Lord would continue to prepare the way for the next operation on the other eye.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

*** Update ***
At 3:30 on Friday afternoon Miguel was in surgery. Alfredo from the children’s home told me that it is still likely he will be able to come home to City of Angels later this evening to start the recovery process. We will continue to update this post.

Miguel is home starting to recover. The doctors say the surgery went well. Will post more details Monday. Thank you for your prayers