Welcome to City of Angels Children’s Home, an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. We exist to meet the needs of some of the thousands of children living in extreme poverty in our city. Under the leadership of our founder Sergio Gomez we provide food, shelter, clothing, schooling and –most importantly– love to the children in our care, many of whom would otherwise be abandoned to the streets.

A lot of our children come from single-parent households with different needs and circumstances. In the simpler cases, it can be challenging for a single mother to support children, ensure they are fed, in school, and supervised while she is at work. In these circumstances, the children stay with us during the school year and may go home with their families during the holidays and summer time. The families are allowed to visit their children at the orphanage on the weekends to still stay connected and hopefully one day reunite back together if their situation improves. We do have other situations that are more complicated and involve abuse, neglect, and drug addiction. These children remain with us year-round.

Whatever the situation a child comes from, when they are at City of Angels we consider them part of our “family.” While we never try to take the place of their parents and siblings we do encourage them to treat one another as brothers and sisters. The older kids commonly help out by assisting the younger ones with their homework and watching over things as an older sibling would. We instill in the children responsibility in taking care of their things, making their own beds, doing chores, and helping the staff keep up the orphanage.

Since our opening in June of 2000, God has faithfully provided for our home through donations from individuals, churches and other organizations in the United States, Australia, and Canada. Contributions can be made through this website, mailed, or delivered in person by visiting the home. Our U.S. non-profit Baja Vision Ministries is a 501 (c) 3 organization and issues receipts for all donations.